who we are

Casa Nicnac helps Nicaraguan people help themselves. Our artisans earn a living wage for their work, which enables them to afford housing, health care and education. Our products include pottery, jewelry, soapstone carvings, weaving and other artwork. We support several artisan cooperatives through Esperanza en Acción, a fair trade organization based in Nicaragua.

Esperanza en Acción provides Nicaraguan artisans with the tools to lift themselves out of poverty by offering training in business practices such as calculating a fair wage. Esperanza en Acción also works to connect these artisans to local and international fair trade markets. Additionally, they strive to empower us all to help transform the global economic system into one that is fair for ALL people. For further information about our artisans and their art, please visit Esperanza en Acción's web page  Esperanza en Acción 

We are pleased to announce that Esperanza en Accion is a member of the Fair Trade Federation!  The Fair Trade Federation is a membership organization for fair trade businesses and non-profits who work with artists around the world. The symbol of the fair trade federation is highly recognized by those working in fair trade and will help us to get more contacts for sales in the US and Canada.

In this photo essay you'll see potter Jacobo Nororis at work www.esperanzaenaccion.org/visual-story.html

In this video, several Nicaraguan potters are working at their craft at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iyrnb3pkQJo&feature=youtube

Explore the possibilities of an international development and service learning experience in Nicaragua at www.companeros.ca 

ยป upcoming shows + contact information

August 12, 2017
All Day
Sunflower Festival
Sundridge, Ontario

August  25, 26, 2017
Midland Ontario

September 30, 2017
Scarecrow Festival
Brechin, Ontario







If you would like to inquire about our products or prices or upcoming shows, please send us an email at: info@casanicnac.ca